Excerpt from blog “Around the World with Justin” by Justin Walter

“If you have a car that can accommodate your group, then you can hire a driver for the day. On my first trip we used DESIGNATEDWINEDRIVER.COM owned by Bob Barker (not the host of “Price Is Right”). The service cost $35/hour for a max of 6 passengers along with a gourmet basket of cheese, snacks, bottled water and a DVD of pictures from your tour. Bob’s crew is available Monday through Sunday 8:00am to 8:30pm and allow you to pick your own route — any wineries you want.

The Designated Wine Driver was affordable and gave us a friendly driver who was really informative about the area during the drive, but stayed out of our way when we were at the wineries (besides getting paparazzi-like photos of the group). I would HIGHLY recommend using Bob!